Top 10 Highest Mountains in the World

Top 10 Highest Mountains in the World Name Descending Order

Mountains, these inspiring giants, are some of the most remarkable features of our planet. They stand tall, majestic, and often covered in a white blanket of snow. Let’s start a journey of reading to explore the highest mountain peaks in the world, listed from the tallest to …

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Pardoning Power of President

Pardoning Power of President: Can He Mercy Death Sentence?

In India’s legal framework, the Constitution has significant importance. Article 72 of Indian Constitution is an important provision in the judicial system. Article 72 describes the pardoning power of President of India. This article improves the criminal justice system. Likewise, the article 161 of Indian Constitution, the …

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Article 161 of Indian Constitution

Can Article 161 of Indian Constitution Save a Criminal?

In India’s legal framework, the importance of the Constitution is inevitable. Article 161 of Indian Constitution, a provision is often ignored but holds much importance in the judicial system as well as state governance. Article 161 describes the power given to the Governor of a state to …

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SSC MTS notification 2024

SSC MTS Notification 2024 -Vacancy Apply Online

The State Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has released the SSC MTS Exam News. The SSC MTS notification 2024 will fill various non-gazetted posts in government ministries, departments, and offices. Successful candidates who pass this examination’s stages will get employed with a good salary package and additional benefits …

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IIT full form in English

IIT Full Form in English | IIT Courses & Top 5 IIT Colleges

IIT is the top institute in India in the field of Technical education. The term IIT is trendy among people in India. The group of institutions where students study technical education and research. They grow their knowledge in these institutions and place themselves in esteemed companies worldwide. …

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CTC Full Form in Salary

CTC Full Form in Salary of Your Job: How Your Salary Calculated?

You must have heard the Term “CTC” quite often if you are an employee or looking for a job.In the world of employment and job offers, you might have come across the term “CTC”. But You don’t know What is CTC full form in job? In this …

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Latest CM and Governor List

Top Governing Authority: Chief Minister and Governor of All States

all state governor list 2023 In India, a State is governed by a Chief Minister (CM) and a council of ministers, who are appointed by the Governor of the state. The council of ministers is collectively responsible to the assembly of the state, which is the supreme …

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