TOP 25+ MOST Important Idioms and Phrases with PDF

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Idioms and phrases are vital parts of the English language. Without idioms and phrases, the English language would be a lot more boring and the English culture would be a lot less colorful. Idioms and phrases add an extra layer of meaning to the English language. These phrases are made up of two or more words that have a totally different meaning when put together. You can learn idioms and phrases by paying attention to the way native speakers use them. But you can also use books and online resources.

In this article, you will get the most important idioms and phrases. We have arranged the list of idioms and phrases in such a way that you can remember them easily. Most Important Exam Oriented idioms and phrases. Idioms and Phrases are the kind of expressions that reflects human behaviors, feelings, and reactions. Most of the time the meaning is different from their literal meanings. Like an Idiom, GREEN THUMB is not a thumb that is green, but it means a person who likes gardening very much.

Without proper knowledge of English vocabulary words with meaning, you should not attempt a question in the examination. So you must boost your knowledge to obtain a High Score in the English sections.

Boost your vocabulary knowledge with our new vocabulary series.

Most Important Idioms and phrases:

1. To meet one’s waterloo– final defeat

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2. To turn over a new leaf– start new work

3. The alpha and omega– from beginning to end

4. Good Samaritan– kind person

5. Let the grass grow under one’s feet-lazy person

6. Let the cat out of the bag– reveal one’s secret

7. Blow one’s own trumpet– Praise oneself

8. Out of wood– out of danger

9. Cry over spilt milk– regret about what couldn’t be changed

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10. To bring one’s egg to a bad market– seek help from wrong person

11. Lost in the cloud– puzzled

12. Will-o-wisp– unachievable

13. Apple pie order-nicely decorated

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14. Silver tongued– eloquent

15. Oily tongued-flattery

16. To nail one’s colour to the mast– stick to own opinion

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17. Out and out-completely

18. To rise like a phoenix-start from beginning

19. On the spur of the moment– on the hit of the moment

20. To wash dirty linen in public– discuss private affairs in public

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21. To put two and two together – reason logically

22. To put 2 and 2 together make 5– reason illogically

23. To pay a deaf ear– not paying attention

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24. Day related Idioms and Phrases:-

1. A rainy day– bad day

2. A palmy day– good day

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3. A hey day– good day

4. A Halcyon day– good day

25. White related Idioms:-

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1. White elephant– useless and costly

2. White lie– harmless lie

3. White hope– hope for success

4. White feather– to flee

5. White flag– surrender


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